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Amber Leigh & Andrew Liam Trask are based out of their narrowboat home in Oxford, England. With their epic piano pop songs they mix together influences from classical to classic blues to create a tone that backs a genuine story of the vulnerability and strength of the human condition.

They met whilst making music in Nashville, Tennessee, and were married in May of 2015. Now that they're in the UK, don't be surprised if the video sways or you hear birdsong, as they do the majority of their music videos from their narrowboat home, somewhere in the English countryside.

Sounds Like: The Civil Wars, Demi Lovato, Us the Duo

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"They got us in a reflective mood with their own breathtakingly performed songs ... and a heartfelt cover of Radio Head’s “Creep” ... But there was also lots of laughter ... and there was a magically uplifting and humorous moment where we all accompanied them with kazoos! They set the tone for Social Space perfectly."
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"[They] are a fantastic duo ... They bring forward their own classical, yet bluesy kind of sound."
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Interview w/ Amber Leigh: "Our Musical Journey"
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Featured In: "Major & Minor Key Covers"
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Live Dates

26 June, 2019 .... Love's Company, London, UK .... Details
26 March, 2019 .... The Wheatsheaf, Oxford, UK .... Details
12 March, 2019 .... The Handle Bar, Oxford, UK .... Details
8 March, 2019 .... The Half Moon, Oxford, UK .... Details
26 Feb, 2019 .... Sandy's Piano Bar, Oxford, UK .... Details
21 Feb, 2019 .... The Bullingdon, Oxford, UK .... Details
29 Jan, 2019 .... Sandy's Piano Bar, Oxford, UK .... Details
18 Jan, 2019 .... The Wheatsheaf, Oxford, UK .... Details
28 Nov, 2018 .... The Cellar, Oxford, UK .... Details
17 Oct, 2018 .... The Wheatsheaf, Oxford, UK .... Details
27 July, 2018 .... Common Ground Workspace, Oxford, UK .... Details
3 July, 2018 .... Sandy's Piano Bar, Oxford, UK .... Details

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Live Video

"Shake it Out" by Florence & The Machine (Cover) (Live at The Bullingdon)

"Creep" by Radiohead (Cover) (Live at The Cellar)

"One Small Step" by Trask (Live at The Cellar)

"Give & Take" by Trask (Live at The Wheatsheaf)

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